How it works

You might be asking yourself, what´s the catch? Why is MYOS so cheap in comparison to other shisha tobacco products? The answer to that is simple, it says it right there in our name! We don’t deliver shisha tobacco to you, but merely the items you need to make your own. However you use our products, is up to you!

Molasses is simply a thick brown juice obtained from raw sugar during the refining progress. Back in the day people thought it was trash and useless, but now it’s used for all kinds of things! It’s used a lot as a feed additive in Europe and Russia, but it’s also used to make: jam, cookies, pies, barbecue sauces, some beers and it acts as a humectant in jerky processing. Long story short: It’s used for all kinds of things, including the making of shisha tobacco.

By combining the syrupy liquid called molasses with tobacco, you can make your own shisha tobacco. This happens by pouring both in a jar and letting it soak in for 14 days. This way the molasses can really soak in and the flavour will come to its right. Technically this would be possible with any dried plant (like tea). The only problem would be that these wouldn’t burn as nicely as tobacco. This is why we deliver “scrap” tobacco. This is nothing other than cut up leaves. There is no added substances to this tobacco and will give you a “clean” smoke.